Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Cremona Town Cemetery


Inscribed on the headstone of 'Row B, Plot 8', within a small area of Cremona Town Cemetery maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in tribute to those who died in two World Wars, is the phrase, "Gone but not forgotten".

I do not know who chose that phrase to inscribe on that headstone.

I do know that 'Row B, Plot 8' is the final resting place of William John Crane, my Great-Grandfather, a man still very much remembered by his family.

In September 2002, shortly after to the birth of my own Son, I had the opportunity to take my Grandfather to Cremona in Northern Italy. A trip which for both us was the first chance to visit his Father's grave.

Cremona Town Cemetery is extremely large and ornate. Opening hours are restricted and, under normal circumstances, photography is strictly forbidden. Fortunately, with much assistance from an Italian speaking friend, we were kindly granted permission to take photographs within the Commonwealth War Graves section as a record of our visit.

In the eighty-four years since his death, we had managed to make only a single trip to my Great-Grandfather's grave. Perhaps others with family buried in Cremona have never been able to make the journey.

The photographs from our visit, along with some information from the CWGC, are presented here as a small contribution to the memory of these men... and in the hope that none are ever forgotten by their families.

Steven Crane